Report from Hebron

July 19, 2010 at 9:26 am (Uncategorized)

Dear friends,

Hebron is one of the most difficult examples of the Occupation. It feels like a war zone. The following report comes from our tour guide in Hebron, who was born and raised there. He works with a group called “Youth Against Settlements.” Here the group describes their most recent effort to have their main street re-opened by the Israelis, who illegally sealed it awhile ago.

During its own rally during the weekly demonstration to open Shuhada Street

Minister Qawasmi: Open Shuhada Street immediately.

Hebron –

Israeli forces attacked with fists and rifle butts Saturday evening, 17/07/2010 at demonstrators in Hebron calling for Shuhada Street to be opened and for the Palestinian citizens to be able to move freely therein. This was during the course of the demonstration in hot Al-Qazzazin in the Old City, where Israeli occupation forces prevented them from it.

Minister Fahad Khalid Qawasmi participated in the demonstration today and coordinator of the Permanent Bureau of the national and political forces in the governate of Hebron Fahmi Shahin. Dozens of activists gathered young people against the settlements and the various factions of the national action and international solidarity activists and Israelis.

The demonstration was organized in the courtyard of the Old City of Hebron at one of the entrances of Shuhada Street, which was closed by the occupation where they chanted and carried banners in Arabic, English and Hebrew demanding the occupation authorities to reopen Shuhada Street that had been closed for years.

Dr. Khalid Al-Fahad Al-Qawasmi, Minister of Local Government, paid tribute to the organizers of the demonstration on their persistant struggle to lift the closures from the heart of Hebron, which is considered a part of Qawasmi continued peaceful popular struggle. Qawasmi said that the Palestinian government headed, by Dr. Salam Fbad, works hard to open Shuhada Street and to alleviate the suffering of the inhabitants of the Old City of Hebron and remains steadfast in the face of settlement and occupation. He thanked the international activists and Israelis that have taken a solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The leading figure in the territory of Fatah, Ayman Sharawi, said that the Fatah movement is working to mobilize their constituencies for effective participation in the popular action, especially events for the opening of Shuhada Street in Hebron and to cleanse Shuhada Street of the terrorist settlers. Hubert said it was a shame to continue closures in the city of Hebron

A spokesman for the Youth Caucus of the settlement against Tarek Abu Hamdiya said that the gathering organized the demonstration mentioned a week every Saturday evening, which is considered part of the ongoing struggle of the organized assembly for the opening of Shuhada Street and the freedom of movement for Palestinians in Hebron.

According to Abu Hamdiya the Israeli occupation forces closed down Shuhada Street in 1994 to the movement of Palestinian vehicles in the wake of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre. Then they prevented Palestinian civilians from walking in the street at the end of 2000 under the pretext of providing security for some 600 Israeli settlers occupying the heart of Hebron.

Abu Hamdiya added that the occupation, responding to millitary orders, closed down more than 500 shops in the city center, and practices which have forced the owners of more than a thousand other shops to close their shops. There is an estimated one hundred fences and iron gates of different types in which all of the illegal settlers freely roam the streets closed and protected by the security forces of occupation.

Practices of the occupation and the settlers in Hebron have turned the lives of some 200 thousand Palestinians who are the indigenous residents of the city of Hebron to hell and drove thousands from their homes.


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