So Much to Do

April 24, 2010 at 11:46 pm (Uncategorized)

I feel like I’m swimming in schoolwork with just four weeks to go before the end of the semester and my trip to the Middle East.

I’m working on Dr. Iyer’s paper, due yesterday, for which I interviewed a Palestinian woman about her experiences living in the occupied West Bank.  I have a group project for Research Methods about AIPAC and US public opinion that is ongoing; we are re-writing our literature review which is due Wednesday.

Our midterm for the same class is Monday; I haven’t done half the reading or begun to study for it.

I have two French papers to write, one about the burqa in France and the other on an as yet undecided topic.  Our second Weapons of Mass Destruction midterm will be handed out next week and the third one on the last day of class (which I’ll submit from halfway around the world because I’ll be in Israel/Palestine!).

I also need to finish my one page account of my upcoming trip for the MIIS blog “The Foghorn” in order to receive my expenses reimbursement.  And it’s time to choose classes for next semester.  I’m also preparing for both Middlebury and the Israel/Palestine trip and will probably come home most weekends from now through May.

And there’s roommate drama because our new roommate has scared away two other roommates who have already moved out.  As long as she doesn’t touch my stuff when I’m gone (apparently my bedroom door was found open yesterday), it’ll be OK; otherwise I’ll have to move too.


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