V/E Day

August 10, 2009 at 2:59 pm (Uncategorized)

At April’s “Yalla Bye, Jordan” going-away party, I met someone from the Obama campaign!

Not just someone from the campaign, but someone who worked in the same state as I did for the general election, in the county next to mine!

Crazy. Michael is best friends with some of the first people I came to know on the campaign, among them Alex Lofton and Elizabeth Wilkins.

What are the odds that we’d run into each other in Amman, Jordan, the year after the election, but never saw each other in Ohio? Michael was part of the GOTV team, who didn’t show up until the last few weeks before the election. They played one of the most crucial roles, however (well, every role was crucial), in our big win.

As Election Day approached, whether it was November 4th or during the primary season, people would refer to it either as “E-Day” or “V-Day” (i.e. Election Day or Victory Day).

I thought it would be fun to title this post “V/E Day,” since that’s what the day Germany surrendered in World War II was called in Europe, incidentally (Victory Europe).


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