Beirut Bound

July 29, 2009 at 9:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow. I’m going. Tomorrow. I wonder how my expectations will measure up to the actual place.

This is the city I’ve wanted to visit the longest of any place in the world.

Who knows? Maybe next time I add to this blog, it’ll be somewhere in Beirut!

I’m so busy, though. I haven’t had time to start this copywriting project that I’m not sure I’m qualified for. And the administrator at the copywriting company is leaving this week, so there’s a change of contact there, and I haven’t even met the director of the place, which I hope to.

I was up really late last night (well, this morning; the morning call to prayer came before I’d gone to sleep) trying to finish some homework I’d gotten behind on.

I kind of almost caught up, but I’m bringing my “al-kitaab” kitaab to Beirut along with my laptop. I hope to get the first stage of this copywriting project finished as soon as possible.

It’s late and I’m tired and I washed my laundry in the sink so it’s still drying to I can’t pack; I’ve set my alarm for 6am because I need to be at the 7th circle by 8am to catch the Royal Jordanian shuttle to the airport for my flight, which isn’t until noon, but that is the schedule the guy on the phone at RJ recommended.

I’ll have plenty of time for homework, at least! I still haven’t researched how much a Lebanese visa costs, and I worry there isn’t enough money in my account to both pay bills and have cash to get into town from the airport once I arrive.

My roommate Ying is on the 4pm flight to Beirut, and we’ll be meeting a friend of hers there. We have reservations at an affordable hostel, and I plan to call someone named Karim who had invited me to Beirut a month or so back and offered to give me the tour. He’s also American and from Long Beach.

Summer is in full swing here in Amman, and living on Garden Street is a great way to watch the tourist effect. A mass influx of “Gulf Arabs” come to Amman every summer to escape the 120-degree heat of their region. Once I realized I can read Saudi license plates, it seems like every third car is from there.


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