No Day But Today

July 19, 2009 at 6:02 pm (Uncategorized)

[from “Rent”]

I have an avalanche of homework on the way (I can hear it coming), so this entry will be brief.

No amusement park or extracurricular activities this evening; Khalid and his sister re-scheduled for tomorrow when his work schedule is more flexible. I went to Rainbow Street after class to check on apartment listings and found a couple. Tomorrow I visit my first place at 6pm.

This morning I met Mohammad (not to be confused with Mohamad, who lives in Sweileh), who had offered to help me find an apartment. We struck out, as the landlords were either asleep or their properties were full. So we headed to Shmeisani to look at DVD usb players, but the cheapest one was 50 JD and I’m not ready to shell out that much money without shopping around a bit first.

After that he helped me a little with my wajib (homework) and then had to leave for work. I took a taxi to school and got started on more homework. The UNRWA meeting was slightly underwhelming; I think I’ll contact their office in Amman directly about working in the Amman refugee camps.

We’ll see.

Prayer time is so beautiful, though; I will definitely miss it. Barack Obama said it’s one of the most beautiful sounds in the world, and I agree.

I also looked at my first gym today, in Shmeisani, called Power Hut. It’s a decent facility but again more than I’m willing to pay before shopping around a bit. So I might hit up Dynamic Gym, where Mohamad’s friend Ibrahiim works, later this week.

We have our first big exam Thursday, so every moment I’m not doing all kinds of other things should be spent with my nose in a book, frowning at vowels or awkwardly clearing my throat, trying to pronounce them. Verbal gymnastics.

I emailed ACOR, the American Center for Oriental Research, about getting a room there until I find a permanent place. I should also email the British Library to cover all bases. ACOR is where the State dept is housing its large contingent of Critical Language people.


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